Unity Games!
The official website
What is unity?
Uniting the players
unity is a games company made by me and some friends because we have so many good ideas for games and we want to have them out there. on this website we will be posting updates about are currant games and possible up coming games.
below this is the names of the people who made the company
  1. Jason Rigden
    Founder,CEO,progamer and treasurer of Unity Games
  2. Joel Fletcher
    Secretary and Building designer
  3. Morgan Yates
    Cofounder and head of production


this is where all new updates are posted!
new indiegogo page for yogwolves funding so please go and donate to help fund the game.
This is our first game and once it is relesed we hope you will enjoy it. There is going to be 6 episodes in the game. Unfourtunatly the book isnt finished as i am writing this. Click the link below to go to the book.
https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yogwolves/x/10895264#/story:link to indiegogo ( copy and paste the link, sorry for the inconvenience )
http://www.wattpad.com/story/24344850: link to story ( copy and paste the link, sorry for the inconvenience )